Dat Kind Life

A place for vegan recipes, vegan wine pairings and a few tools to help you live kindly. What you eat and drink is one of the easiest ways to incorporate kindness into your everyday life. As consumers, we are voting with every dollar we spend and it's important that we vote consciously in order to shift the environment and the economy in the right direction for future generations. It's never too late to start living a thoughtful, kind life.

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Amanda (known by most as "Manda", known by few as "Man", known by herself as "Me") is the mind, photographer, and recipe developer of Dat Kind Life. She became vegetarian in 2007, and transitioned to veganism immediately after a full day of binge-watching (more like cringe-watching) youtube videos about factory farming in 2014. In the 7 years that Amanda was vegetarian, it was rare that anyone questioned her food choices. But, as soon as she became vegan, suddenly people had input on health, protein intake, and felt compelled to tell her that they "could NEVER give up cheese". This interested (and annoyed) her, but it encouraged her to share her journey, her thoughts, & what she ate.

When she's not cooking and eating, she can be found at the beach with her high school sweetheart husband, working her full-time restaurant consulting job, or spending time with family. Her favorite food group is carbs, and one of her all-time favorite wine pairings is Champagne and french fries.

Amanda grew up cooking with her family, so it came naturally to her to create the foods she already loved, minus the animal products. However, she soon realized there is a large number of people interested in cutting out meat, eggs, fish, and dairy, but they simply don't know where to begin. After posting a food photo to social media (millennials, amiright), people would often ask for a recipe (which she didn't have since she made it up as she went). So, she started writing down and saving her recipes as she cooked, while sippin' on some vegan wine. Now there is a solid collection of straight-forward vegan recipes (and awesome vegan wine pairings) that she wants to share with the world. Some of Amanda’s recipes can be found throughout the LIVEKINDLY website, on their “recipes” page!

Come get 'em.